Thursday, 6 March 2014

Aztec Nails ;)

Hey girls <3
I think i should stop promising to be regular :p
anyways I'm here with a kind of sequel of the last post ;)
Here a few pictures of it <3
hope you guys like it :D


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nail polish wonders but not on nails ;-)

Hey guys I'm sorry again, as usual for nor updating the blog. A new year with a bombardment of tests :'(
Any ways but I'm back and I'll be more regular on my Facebook page now too ;-)
For today's post, I actually got a new phone and I absolutely love those pretty colorful phone covers (who doesn't?? <3)
So I thought to do some DIY phone cover post with nail polish :-D 

I bought a white flip cover and to be on the safe side I painted the flip rather the back and here's how it turned out :-D

I did the the popular aztec or tribal print using my nail art brushes and polishes.
After drying I pasted a screen protector on it to give a smooth feel ;-)

Inspired by

Hope you guys liked it ...don't forget to give me your reviews :) <3


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Waterfall nail art ;)

Hello girls :)
Hope you guys are enjoying the weather because I am ;) Love this foggy weather :D
Coming to the nail art, today's nail art is inspired by nailasaurus ( I saw this one on her blog and I fell in love with it so I tried it and here are the pictures for you ;)

I painted 4 out of 5 nails with the olive green nail polish I just bought a few days back and the ring finger nail with toronto by color studio professionals and let them dry.

Then I took a striper brush and 3 different colors to make the waterfall. With the help of the brush and colors I made stripes and let them dry. Then applied a top coat and the nail art was ready ;)

For the stripes I used gold, purple, and Orange for the olive green nails and silver, olive green and pink for the purple nail ;)

Hope you guys like it, don't forget to share your views in the comments section below :)

Have a great week :D

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Snowman nail art :D

Hey girls <3
Happy winters :D :)

I have been trying to upload a post since the last 4 days..but there was something wrong with google. Thank God it worked today :D

I hope you girls are enjoying the weather because i love winters and so I am here with a perfect winter nail art and as promised it's the flocking (fur) poweder :D


To make the snow man,I have used a white a polish and a large dotting tool, made the eyes with a small dotting tool and the muffler+nose with a stripper brush.
To add more detailing a used these stars and crescents, a friend of mine bought them for me from a stationary shop :)

Hope you guys like it..:)

Don't forget to give me your views in the comments section below <3

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Furr nail :D

Hello girls ;)
I know I'm a bit late for my post, but medicine is so so captivating (i hope the word explains my condition), i get assignments every day and it's just so difficult to take out time but I promise I will try my best to be punctual ;)

OK, so when I saw these furr nails online and fell in love on first sight ;) I wanted to get them as soon as possible but as you know I had my exams and other stuff, so as soon as i got free i went for shopping and I was seriously not expecting to find them in Pakistan but to my surprise I did and then I just didn't think for another second and bought these :D

Initially I was worried if the furr would stick and stay for a long time and that is why I didn't buy allot of colors.

To make furr nails the procedure is very very simple, apply a base coat and then the matching nail polish ( i got one with the furr) then readily put the furr on your nail and press it. Let it dry for a minute and then brush of the excess furr.
Tthat's all, no top coat ;)

Now for the staying part, they lasted for a day in my case and started to get of from the tips of the nails. Be sure to apply the furr when the polish is wet and you will have to do some touch ups if you want to wear this for long.


Personally, I find these nails very attractive and cute. They are different from the regular varnished look and look great in winters :D
I got this polish and the furr from hyperstar, fortress, Lahore.
Hope you guys like it :) I will be doing a nail art using this furr soon inshallah ;)

What do you think about the furr nails?

Friday, 15 November 2013

Tutorial: Multi-colored wool design

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Hey girls ;)
I know I'm back after a very long time, I was busy with my finals but now after a long run I'm finally done with my first year of medicine. I hope I pass all the subjects, do pray :)
Anyways no more about studies, this time I'm here with a very color full design :)
colorful wool design

I got the idea from woolen sweaters since winters are almost here and I love them, so let's start :D


  1. Base coat
  2. White nail polish
  3. I used pink, blue, green and yellow but you guys can use any color you have for the design ;)
  4. Top coat
  5. Stripper brush
  6. Black nail polish
  7. dotting tool


  1. Start off with a base coat and one layer of white polish.
    white base coat
  2. Now take a dotting tool and start making dots in diagonal lines as shown in the picture.
    dotting tool
    make dotted diagonal lines

    fill half the nail with diagonal lines
  3. Make lines in one direction on half of your nail and then on the other half make dotted lines perpendicular to the previous lines as shown
    make lines perpendicular to diagonal lines to fill up the other of the nail
  4. Now if you like you can leave the design here or go further using a black stripper and make black lines between the dotted colorful lines.
    make black stripes
  5. Apply a top coat to give shine to your design and your colorful wool design is ready.
    your wool design is ready ;)

    Yes it's that simple ;) Don't forget to send me the pictures when you try this on my Facebook page. The link is given in the upper right corner of the page ;)

What do you think about the design?? Comment below.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Smileys (^_^)

Hello girls...:D
This is not my own design, a friend of mine brought a picture of this and asked me to do this on her nails and these are her nails ;)
Hope you gals like it :D

Do leave your comments below :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pink and yellow??

Hey girls :)
I uploaded this manicure on my Facebook page a long time ago, I wore it again yesterday to a relative's place and thought of uploading the pictures for you guys :)
Hope you like it <3

Don't forget to leave your comments below and follow the site to keep updated :-)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Vampire Diaries nail art

Hey girls :)
This is going to be a short post ;)
I was so excited about the vampire diaries season 5 so i decided to design some nail art relating that and here it is :)

I have a used black (local brand) and orange (haute wheels by CSP) nail colors with red and yellow acrylic colors for the V on the ring finger. The gradient is created with the help of a sponge. (for tutorial:

Hope you girls like it ;)
Enjoy the first episode tonight :)
Give your comments below :)